February 28, 2010

The Beet Goes On.

I came into this month prepared to be woozy from the bloody color of beets, to welcome the rush of purpley-red cloaked beneath its earthy skin. But as I sat down to consider the tuber, it was always the lines that drew me in.
A pen study. The slow spiraling roots, searching soil tunnels traced through their small patch of earth. These particular beets ended up as an oldy-but-a-goody: Harvard Beets from "The Joy of Cooking," with a few modifications from Aunt Sue.
But the lack of color drove me back to the produce bins for more beets. This time around, I was determined to have color: Here's my favorite from a veggie photo shoot.

And our "Pink Dinner."
(Photo by Jake.) Lots of enthusiasm about this scrumptious tart from Orangette, (I used my mom's unsweetened pie crust) suggested to me by my dear friend and fellow vegetable enthusiast, Adriane. While Jake and I very much enjoyed it, the girls lost interest when they discovered that the almost Magenta Pink that seeps through the egg-and-feta batter is from beets and not... whatever it was they were expecting...? My efforts to raise fellow beet lovers are not squelched. Just you wait.
With my belly full of beets and the babes sweetly sleeping I got out the watercolors. And once again found myself lost (sometimes literally) in the lines. This time of the leaves and stems of my second lovely bunch of beets.


  1. I love this. So intricate. I love the lines. And I love, LOVE the compositions! They are so dynamic.

  2. Beautiful photos!!!! Living art.


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