March 27, 2010

Purple Plate, Golden Canvas, Part 1

Despite my negligence in posting regularly, I assure all of our dear readers that beets and art have been more than just the topics of idle talk. I admit to being distracted; I recently began a new job with Angelic Organics Learning Center, where I'm certain to learn more about eating seasonally and locally. I'm hopeful that future posts will contain vegetables from a CSA share. In the midst of all this business, I managed to put together two beet dishes; one with the standard, deep red (or purple) variety, and the other with golden. There were beet greens involved, too.

This post will focus on the purple version. I was inspired by a beet risotto I enjoyed at Uncommon Ground on Devon (see recent bon appetit review of locavore restaurants) earlier this winter when my parents visited Chicago. I won't list the recipe I used here, as I feel that a better version could be found. I baked the beets in foil, and some of the juices escaped (one had been cut.) Once they were cooled, I peeled and chopped. My primary alteration to the recipe would be in texture; I recommend grating rather than chopping the cooked beets. A few shots from the process:

My lovely friend Ruhi came over to help me stir, and she stayed for a late Saturday lunch. We added seared tuna steaks and peashoots in lemon vinaigrette to the menu.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we will explore the Golden Beet.

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