December 1, 2010

New era + vegetables.

This last season of my life has been markedly different from previous seasons, for a few reasons. I am now a homeowner. I currently have the blessing of living with my sister (Maria). And I have been dating someone (Adam) for four months.

With these new (very good!) elements of my life has come a new routine. And vegetables and cooking seem to have a nice place in this routine…veggies are part of the daily stuff of life, and I love sharing them with the people around me. Maria and I both like to cook, and we have been enjoying the new kitchen very much. Adam (who has a distinct love for vegetables!) had quite an impressive garden in his backyard this summer, which means that I ate more green things, notably a lot of excellent kale.

Well, let us focus on tomatoes. (I would have blogged about squash, but alas, I am still a little intimidated….Katie and Laura’s posts, have, however, inspired me!) First, here is a photo of Maria in our new kitchen chopping some tomatoes from a friend’s garden. Delicious.

And here is the entire crop of tomatoes from Adam’s garden, in his hands. His kale was much more plentiful, but we were still able to enjoy his tomato harvest, a nice addition to a salad.

So, to conclude, I am grateful for tomatoes, for new surroundings, for the people in my life. And for my dear vegetable-blog friends. Here is a shot of tomatoes from Katy and Ryan’s greenhouse; such fond memories of the Liberal End Summit!


  1. I love the color in these photos. Vibrant but not overwhelming. And I'm glad you're enjoying all the new lovely things this season (and God) have brought into your life. Your photos and words emanate a sense of contentment. Mmmmm...thanks!

  2. The photos lead from one to the next so nicely. I'm happy for this time in your life. Juicy full like a tomato :)


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