December 13, 2010


Had to share this photo. I only recently discovered Carnival Squash. And I think they are my new favorite. It's just the cutest squash I've ever seen. The love child of Acorn and Delicata is apt, Laura.

One more thing about winter squarshes: I have always scooped out the seeds of a squash-half BEFORE roasting... until now! Our friend, Kai, enlightened me last Friday to the wisdom of the seeds-in-squash roasting technique. Laying the squash on the buttered tray with the seeds snugly nestled in place by all those stringy fibers (which are not that easy to scrape out when raw, I find) helps to keep the moisture in the vegetable as it cooks. Afterward, gently scooping out the seeds, it's like butter.


  1. Ooh! I love it. Did you eat the seeds?

  2. I feel like I've entered a new plane of consciousness knowing I can leave the seeds in while cooking squash, only to scoop them out cleanly later. I have battled many a squarsh and its tangly web of strings for want of its seeds. Now I know...thanks!


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