January 9, 2011

Bringing Back the B.S.

If you don’t like Brussels Sprouts, you’re just not cool. There. I said it. There are approximately 500,000 (I was going to write "a million," but decided to tone down my exaggeration)amazing recipes for Brussels Sprouts posted on foodie blogs all over the internets. And you don’t have to take my word for it. This salad looks amazing.

All of the hype could almost cause me to deny my interest and appetite for b.s. I will be honest, though, and admit to being even more enamored with the sprout when I saw it being touted for all its worth. And I will also admit to putting my money where my mouth is, purchasing Brussels sprouts by the stalk; in my CSA box, at Whole Foods, and even at Trader Joe’s.

One of the worst/best things about Brussels Sprouts becoming cool with our generation is that they have always been cool with our parents, and our grandparents. Very few other items can bring your family together at the holidays (short list of others: booze, cookies, gifts of cash, and in some cases, Motown.) For example, at Christmas dinner, my amazingly cool brother-in-law braised b.s. and Grandma had a second helping. I asked my Dad about the b.s. “I love ‘em,” he responded. As it happens, the first meal my father prepared for my mother included Brussels Sprouts, and they grew them in their first vegetable garden (!)

So not only is it uncool to not like b.s. It’s also inauthentic. Some things are just good.*

Personally, my favorite recipe for Brussels Sprouts is a good old fashioned roast, perhaps with some toasted nuts and a maple-dijon glaze. So easy.

Did I mention that I also made a collage? I dedicate this one to Katy, Ryan, and their new little sprout. Actually, it’s a belated gift. So, surprise, Katy! I hope you like Brussels Sprouts. If you don’t…

*Disclaimer: As we are all entitled to our various tastes, I maintain that IF you have eaten Brussels sprouts that are well-prepared, and IF you still do not enjoy them, you might yet be considered cool in some circles, depending on a few other factors, which I am probably not cool enough to be aware of.

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